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Co-Generation-Our Future

Handed down from generation to generation, I am proud to say that my stepson Michael is involved in our family business. He is learning the business from the ground up, “learning the ropes” so to speak. As per our family tradition, Michael works very hard to ensure that the quality provided by this company can move into the next generation. An unwavering commitment to you, to ourselves, as well as to my grandfather William P. Archibald. Michael certainly has a long “row to plough” so to speak.

Changes in the industry:

  • The interaction of the heating and cooling system comes to the forefront energy performance standards.
  • With the phase-out of ozone depletivre chemicals, new refrigerants are here to stay.
  • Variable speed technology is available in all efficiencies of equipment.
  • 2006, the minimum energy efficiency for central air conditioning is raised to 13.00 SEER
  • Geothermal technology becomes affordable to the efficiency minded.
  • Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning begins to offer expanded services such as MECHANICAL DUCT CLEANING and MOLD Remediation by our sister company KLEEN-aire.

We hope that the following pages will help you to determine the correct system for your individual needs. Much time and effort have been put into assembling the literature you are reading and we hope that it helps.

The Cutting Edge of Technology!

Archibald Heating and Air Conditioning is there again!


New and Exciting changes in our Industry are occurring everday. The power to enable every person to become partially energy independent.

The FreeWatt System


With $4.00 a gallon gas, global warming, and war in the Middle East, America seems eager (finally) to kick it's addiction to oil and other fossil fuels. Here's where we're doing with alternative energy sources.

Solar: Enough of the Sun's energy reaches the Earth's surface to satisfy all our energy needs. The trick is harnessing it in usable form. Solar cells made of silicon convert sunlight into electricity, which is then wired into the power grid. For decades, they've powered calculators, satellites, and homes. Scientists are experimenting with other materials to capture more of the Sun's power and cut manufacturing costs. One technique, known as concentrating solar power, uses an array of mirrors, lenses, and liquid-filled tubes to turn the Sun's Energy into steam, which then powers an electric turbine. Advances could one day allow the sun to replace coal and nuclear plants as our main source of electricity.

Biofuel: Ethanol, an alcohol product produced from Corn or other crops, has been touted as a petroleum substitute for decades, particularly in the mid-west where corn is king. But the dramatic rise in oil prices has triggered a Bio-fuel boom. That in turn, has led to talk of an ethanol glut as more and more farmers join the new gold rush. Other plant-based fuels include biodiesel, which can be made from vegetabel oil (even restaurant grease).

Micro-combined Heat and Power: Combined Heat and Power Systems harness the energy normally consumed inside the home, office, or store, take the energy and produce cost effective power to return into the space. The Heat Energy from the generation is the directed back into the space being conditioned.


Micro-Combined Heating and Power Generation-

The Future is Here Today!



Freewatt - Builder

Freewatt - Grid

Freewatt - House

Freewatt - System 1

Freewatt - System 2


Oil & Propane Prices

Heating Oil:
$2.699 gal.
*Price only available to customers with service contracts & agreements Prices subject to change.

$2.699 gal.
*Price only available to existing customers, new system installations & customers with service contracts & agreements. Prices subject to change.

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