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System 2000 - Installation


There's a 500 pound Gorilla in your Basement,

and he's eating your lunch!



Today's Boilers-Today's  Technology-

It's all about Efficiency!


Yesterday's Boilers:

The 500 pound Gorilla!

Yesterday's boilers, a single pass at efficiency. What a shame, all that oil, all that gas with a single pass. That's right yesterday's boilers had only a single shot at getting all that heat from your oil or gas. With chimney temperatures of 450 degrees or more, a lot of your heat went right up the chimney. That may have been O.K. then, but not now. Rising fuel costs, efficiency concerns, lack of hot water, cold spots in th house and short cycling of an old Dinosaur.



There is a way:

Enter Today's most Efficient Boiler


 No more 500 pound blocks of Cast Iron. No more operating the boiler all summer long for hot water needs. Heat the water quick, distribute the water quick, shut down the burner and run the pump to cool down the boiler. A counterflow heat exchanger, the optimum way to heat water. Let the cold water come in contact with the flue gases and heat the water on the way out. The Digital Energy Manager, the brains of the operation.


 A Smart Boiler: Tried and True with 40% Energy savings

A replacement boiler with true energy savings. Repacing that old Dinosaur with another is not the answer. No Real reduction in energy costs, no increased comfort. add the Indirect hot water Heater and Viola! all the hot water you could need at a fraction of the cost. the Energy Kinetics System 2000 has the Digital Energy Manager.

No need to purchase expensive and hard to program outdoor reset controllers. Many boiler on the market today require an added component, the Outdoor Reset Controller. These controls are difficult to program and may need to be programmed again and angain after the power fails. What a pain! If your Installer is not offering these controllers you are probably not going to see the efficiency claimed! Why bother?

The Energy Kinetics Digital Energy Manager is factory designed to operate the Energy Kinetics system 2000. Factory designed to optimize efficiency, factury dsigned to give a long life and never need to be programmed.



10 feet of Heat Exchanger:

No more single pass at efficiency! The spiral/counterflow heat exchanger maximizeses the amount of time the flue gases are in contact with the heat exchanger. Squeezing every little bit of heat from the oil or gas the your are burning!


Cutting Energy Costs by 40%

Heating 160 pounds of steel quickly and efficiently is what it's all about. Integrated with the Smart Pump for Domestic Hot Water, you and your family could save up to 40% or more on your energy costs.



In other words only the heat you need is the heat you get.

Homeowners who plan to save money by creating hybrid heating systems by using The Energy Kinetics Boiler in conjunction with heat pumps, find themselves up against a brick wall with the high cost of chimney construction. However, installing System 2000's unique combustion chamber, combined with 10 feet of heat transfer passage, means that gases leave the system clean and relatively cool. This allows them to be safely vented directly through the wall even at yard level. No need for costly chimney construction. System 2000's stainless steel vent works similar to your dryer vent and features a patented air cooled surface that's never hot to the touch.




Oil & Propane Prices

Heating Oil:
$2.699 gal.
*Price only available to customers with service contracts & agreements Prices subject to change.

$2.699 gal.
*Price only available to existing customers, new system installations & customers with service contracts & agreements. Prices subject to change.

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