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System 2000 - AFUE Ratings

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AFUE ratings lead to inaccurate claims Most conventional boilers claim to be "high efficiency" because their AFUE (government) efficiency ratings are based only on limited testing. AFUE measures only energy wasted from boiler heat that's lost up the chimney. With their short heat transfer passages (some only 16" long, or less) conventional boilers simply can't absorb all the heat they create before it literally goes up the chimney. AFUE accurately records this loss. However there are other more costly inefficiencies that AFUE simply ignores completely.

AFUE Does NOT Measure:

  • Jacket Loss - Poor insulation on the boiler (usually only 3/4" of fiberglass and that's only on the boiler jacket!) allows heat to escape constantly. This means you're losing heat to garage or basement not heating your home. AFUE doesn't measure it.
  • Standby Loss - Conventional boilers run day and night to keep hot water available, even when no one is using hot water. This is "standby loss," and it's a terrible waste of energy. On a typical hi mass boiler, standby losses are the inevitable result of the need to heat the equivalent of over 1000 pounds of iron, every time the system turns on. AFUE doesn't measure it.
  • Draft Regulator and room air loss sucks warm air out of your home to control chimney draft for the boiler. AFUE doesn't measure it. Note: System 2000 uses outside air for combustion and does not have a draft regulator.
  • Bath, Laundry, Faucets - AFUE doesn't measure how efficiently your boiler makes hot water for bath, laundry and faucets, typically 25 to 35% of your heating costs! AFUE ratings evaluate only energy wasted from boiler heat that's lost up the chimney. Adding up all the common energy losses listed at left, plus the demands of hot water making, reveals the real efficiency ratings of boilers, which are shown in the blue boxes on these pages.


That Good Old 500 Pound Gorilla Living in the Basement!!

What's so Good about it?

Draft Losses, Stack Losses, Stand-by Losses

-Money Flying up the Chimney


Demand Fired & Cold Start Boilers

While boilers with heavily insulated tanks may store plenty of hot water, they also waste significant energy. Here's why: A tremendous amount of energy is still needed to heat up the 6 to 10 gallons of water and massive amounts of cast iron in conventional boilers. Then, once your hot water needs are met and the boiler shuts off, this heat is wasted. Typically, this will account for about 15 to 20% of your annual fuel bill.




So the logical conclusion is: Don't choose a home heating system based on it's AFUE rating. Instead, inquire about the system's real efficiency rating.

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There's no more 500 pound Gorilla in your basement eating your lunch!!

Please take a minute to review this Case Study for Energy Kinetics System 2000 Boiler System.


House built 1920s
2000 sq. ft.
Highland, New York
Started out with 1950s-era Crane Sunnyday boiler. Switched to EK-1 in August 2007.
When we first moved into our house in 2005, our oil company estimated our annual fuel usage at 1500 gallons. We locked in at $2.19 / gallon. That first winter my wife and I, determined to use less oil, turned down the thermostats each night and when we were away from the house for long periods. We also burned two cords of wood in our living room woodstove, which surprisingly heated the entire house when it got going. We ended the year with a $500 credit. Our actual usage was 1270 gallons from 2005 to 2006.
The following year I installed programmable thermostats and burned a little over 1 cord of wood in the wood stove. Our oil usage for 2006-2007 was also about 1300 gallons.
During the summer of 2007, we started exploring options to improve and/or replace our existing heating system--1950s-era Crane Sunnyday boiler. We evaluated numerous heating systems to replace our existing boiler and ultimately, though heavily skeptical, settled on the Energy Kinetics System 2000 EK-1 system.
Two weeks before the EK-1 was installed, I began tracking my oil. See the table below. Our EK-1 was started up on 8/30/07, we had 250 gallons in the tank (Note: we burned 10 gallons over 13 days in the heat of the summer with the old boiler... just for domestic hot water).
DateOil Tank (gal.)Oil Deliveries (gal.)
10/30/07 -48.6
12/18/07 -142.2
1/8/08 -71.3
2/21/08 -167.9
4/7/08- 161.9

The results are in... Our oil usage for 2007-2008 was about 640 gallons. That's 51% less oil! I still can't believe it. At $3.79 (the price we paid per gallon of fuel oil on 4/7/08) we would have spent another $2500 had we not switched to the EK-1.
Thank you!

Chris S- Highland, NY

 We would like to thank Chris S. for his diligence in recording the savings he and his family experienced. This is certainly wonderful information, we love to hear results like this. Moreover, it reinforces the ability of this piece of heating equipment to save people a lot of money on thier heating bills.

Chris' customer testimonial is available for your viewing in the tab on the right hand side of the home page. Please take time to view the testimonials. We have gone full circle with Chris, he has an excellent experience during the installation and, we can now see the data after one year of operation.


Another Sucess Story!


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$2.699 gal.
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$2.699 gal.
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